Andrea Cella - Reptilesports

Behind the scene

Andrea Cella, Reptile Masts and SUP brand manager

He started the brand in 2004, and in 2008 he has been involved in the IMAC Windsurfing Masts Program, joining the staff. Since that moment he has been responsible of the Imac windsurfing division, helping the OEM carbon mast factory, based in Italy, to reach important goals, winning PWA championships working very close with many sailmakers and PWA top riders.

  • In 2015 he developed the first mast in the world with a reversible bottom section, the Reptile Reverse, the first and unique mast in the world able to create two different bend curves.
  • In 2016 he started the Reptile SUP program, developing the first Reptile Sup paddles collection.
  • In 2017 he started the new Reptile Inflatable boards collection.

2003 – Reptile Mast

Founded in 2003, Reptile Masts was born to improve and exalts the sails performance. Most of the sails brands now works on a range of masts of very similar bend curve characteristics. Hard Top has been almost deleted from the sailmakers’s desks, so what is important now in terms of performance are the fibers quality and the perfect balance of the diameters and wall thickness. After 15 years of experience, Reptile Masts is the best AFTERMARKET brand option for your rig.

2015 – Reptile SUP

Our unique combination of experience and expertise in composite technologies enable us to develop great winning paddles and efficient inflatable SUP boards. In 2015 was born the new SUP division, a new challenge for Reptile Sports.

2019 – Reptile Sports

Welcome to Reptile Sports! With 2019 season we introduced to the market not only new products such the Reptile FIBRA masts and the Cobra PRO paddles, but also a new, fresh, updated and functional website. There aren’t limits for our team of designers, engineers, marketing experts, specialized in the composites field; we’re open to develop new products and accept new challenges.