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The dedicated REPTILE FOILER board collection delivers top level performance for WING and SUP foiling in all forms.

Developed 100% for the Wing, in the SUP we will like this extreme compactness which will favor tight trajectories, changes of stance and especially when pumping.

In Wing, it is a new shape that delivers extreme performance with its thin tips around a maximal compacted shape. It’s like a freestyle micro Board. Ultra-handy, it nevertheless keeps a comfortable volume that will ensure in the light but also in trick landings and capricious winds without going through the waterstart issue.

In surfing, it is so impressive that it rediscovers its Foil. It’s lively and fluid at the same time, aggressive and reassuring… The REPTILE FOILER allows curves and moves that no other boards can accept so easily. In long, fast waves, it’s pure carving, frankly impressive.

The Wing multi-position strap inserts and the Us Rail Boxes for Foil attachment allow a multitude of adjustments, and to quickly find the ideal position in Wing.

The REPTILE FOILER is a semi-custom board, made in Europe, with high European QC control.



  • CNC cut EPS core, for the maximum shape precision.
  • Fiber Glass /epoxy resin matrix outer deck and bottom, for maximum durability.
  • Biaxial Bamboo full deck and bottom
  • Grooved EVA pads
  • Concave deck shape technology , for maximum control and grip.


  • Rocker: relatively flat except for the tail where the big kicker avoids touchdowns in the chop and when pumping.
  • Rails: steeply angled facets to avoid touchdowns and linking tight turns.
  • Outline: semi-compact for good gliding even outside flights.
  • Tail: large square tail, for stability when paddling and facilitate take off.
  • Nose: round point nose.

1 THE FOILER 5'8"x27" 100 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 7 € 1399
2 THE FOILER 6'0"x27,5" 105 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 7 € 1399
3 THE FOILER 6'2"x28" 110 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 7,3 € 1399
4 THE FOILER 6'4"x28,5" 115 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 7,5 € 1399
5 THE FOILER 6'6"x29" 120 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 7,9 € 1399
6 THE FOILER 6'8"x29,5" 125 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 8 € 1399
7 THE FOILER 6'10"x30" 130 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 8 € 1399
8 THE FOILER 7'0"x30,5" 135 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 8,5 € 1399
9 THE FOILER 7'2"x31" 140 BAMBOO/GLASS YES 8,5 € 1399